About Matthew

I create digital experiences that help brands and companies connect with their customers. I am a creative, out of the box thinker who can use technology to help companies reach more people.

Using technology, we can create a more inclusive web for people with visual impairments, dyslexia, and other cognitive disabilities. I believe it's time to make this happen. This is my our mission.

Brainstorming for you

As a Design Technologist, I care about creating inclusive digital experiences that benefit everyone. I’m interested in building solutions and enabling people by developing products so that even those with learning disabilities can use. This includes optimized documents, websites and web applications. I truly believe in the power of design and its potential for a positive impact on people’s lives. To bring more positive change, I want to empower people to learn things independently using the power of technology. That’s why I’m helping team members become more self-aware, reflective, and vital in their workflows. I experiment, support, and build as we focus on improving ourselves as a team through a collaborative and human-oriented approach.

Who I work with

I thrive in an environment filled with curious and mischievous minds looking to discover effective ways of solving problems. I can bring creative, out of the box thinking and help make technology work for everyone.

I am a disruptor — mindful not to undermining input or value.

I am not satisfied by the status quo. I create value through accountability and innovate to do things differently and better. I look at things against the grain than everyone else to help companies create digital experiences that add value to people of all abilities.

What I look for

I’m looking to help teams be themselves and make mistakes as we iterate and innovate on products that we love to work (or play) with by supporting each other's unique strengths. As an inclusive designer/developer, I hone in on empathy, understanding and know how to listen. I am excited about the act of designing alongside teams, testing prototypes, and providing solutions for the right ticket.

What I use

Prefers*: Markdown, Vue.js, Tailwind, Figma, Netlify

*Willing to work with alternatives

Contact me

Let's use technology to help people with dyslexia, visual impairments and other cognitive disabilities. Making the web a little more accessible for them.



I have worked with both start-ups and independent consulting gigs. I've also had the good fortune of working for technology giants:

  • Ookla - (the cats behind Speedtest.net) as Tech Services manager
  • NinjaTrader - (a community of thousands of traditional finance developers) as a Product Manager and Tech Lead
  • Microsoft and Premera Blue Cross - (through consultanting agencies) as a Tech Writer
  • See my examples of my work

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