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I assume you might be a recruiter or maybe a hiring manager. So I understand you have little time - you can skip my philosophy.


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Why I’m not on LinkedIn

I used LinkedIn daily - for years. Despite the fondness I felt for the connections and interactions I’ve had, I took a hard look at my ROI over time spent using LinkedIn. And it hit me - all that time - LinkedIn had provided me zero in successful opportunities.

Maybe I didn’t use it correctly; perhaps I didn’t have time. (Or perhaps I felt vulnerable).

But I know I walked away from LinkedIn feeling bad about myself (you know the type of content). And the jobs that used to reach me on that platform made me feel even worse.

I have plenty of business sense and knowledge to drop things that aren’t working out.

The answer to a poor diet isn’t over-eating, just to “get my money’s worth”.

So I’m looking for healthier alternatives instead.

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Matthew Hendricks