Software Product Management - NinjaTrader 8 Beta and Major Release

I was promoted to Product Manager after working as a technical support lead for the NinjaTrader platform. When I was promoted, much of the early planning and specification was already completed, so I was brought on to help with the engineering implementation, user acceptance testing, and documentation up until the first major release of NinjaTrader 8 in November of 2016.

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Work date:

I joined the team as Junior Product Manager.

We were responsible for updating legacy documentation, comparing it to current programming interfaces, and conducting code reviews to understand changes to new technology. I inherited the project from the former product manager who had developed much of the legacy documentation and set standards for writing styles.

We worked in efforts to fill in gaps where needed between custom requests and existing API code that could be exposed. We met routinely with developers to help understand expected code functionality and develop reasonable API behaviors and errors that would foster an "exploratory" environment. We fundamentally changed many-core events, the GUI framework, and exposed low-level accessibility to fulfill change requests between major release cycles.

I focused user experiences by working with customer-facing teams, company stakeholders, and key partners to help ensure the milestone transition between products was seamless. We also painstakingly reviewed implementations and changes with quality teams to ensure consistency between naming, color, and subclass behaviors.

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