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Knowledge Worker, Technical Writer, Product Manager — Focused on client solutions for product teams | values opportunities for Collaborative Communication

Work Phone: 646-694-2062

Location: Seattle, WA (98125)




History working in cross-functional team leadership positions for start-ups and technical consulting for large enterprises.

Product Manager II / Technical Support Supervisor

NinjaTrader ( Denver, CO.

May 2010 - June 2016

  • Collaborated with Director of Product Management to drive the product life cycle for a team of 5 developers during a major rewrite and product launch of a developer-friendly desktop application for day trading and data analytics built with .NET and C#.
  • Researched root cause analysis and provided B2C technical support of critical bugs while offering confident recommendations for process improvements on topics of C# and WPF and developer best practices.
  • Followed code updates in Git repo and composed release notes for various release management milestones (14 beta, 2 RC, and 1 major version) while prioritizing website updates for consumer-focused technical documentation.
  • Created workflows for requesting, organizing, editing, and distributing content and communications by operating as subject lead for Atlassian suite (Confluence, JIRA).
  • Defined and scoped product cases for the development roadmap by creating and prioritizing the product backlog, documenting specifications, creating and assigning tasks in JIRA, and establishing targets and outcomes.
  • Developed standard operating procedures for the customer success team’s technical support representatives.
  • Communicated informational changes in software updates, known issues and troubleshooting, and major milestones to a team of support representatives.

Technical Services Manager for Speedtest Custom

Ookla ( Seattle, WA.

April 2017 - December 2018

  • Acted as customer voice for Speedtest Custom, collecting feature requests from customers and communicating feedback to product and engineer teams for products developed for web, mobile and desktop.
  • Led a small remote team responsible for B2B and B2C pre-sales, on-boarding, billing, and support for Speedtest Custom and Speedtest Host infrastructure clients by answering and documenting modern technology topics of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Linux, Windows Server, HTTP, SSL/TLS.
  • Developed and optimized customer success process strategies used for technical services goals by tracking customer support and sales metrics using custom reports and dashboards built with Google Sheets, Salesforce, and Zendesk.
  • Managed $3mil in annual sales by tracking 1200 accounts licensed for a JavaScript product designed for global ISPs, data centers, equipment manufacturers, and market vendors interested in client/server network performance testing.

Contract Technical Writer at Microsoft

Apex Systems ( Redmond, WA.

March 2020 - May 2020

  • Met with the documentation team's program manager to track core business needs and requirements in Azure DevOps and wiki Git repository on topics of support onboarding, compliance, and operations for Microsoft Office 365 support team.
  • Used VSCode, Markdown, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Teams for the development and peer review of internal wiki content used by an audience of 27,000 commercial and consumer support agents.
  • Made contact and set meetings with the engineering leads and product managers associated with the part of the Microsoft 365 consumer and commercial operations team to ask all the questions necessary to document the subject.
  • Left because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Contract Technical Writer at Premera

AIM Consulting ( Bothell, WA.

April 2019 - December 2019

  • Produced a set of 50 process documents for a workforce administration team’s enterprise software suite and Visual Basic, SQL Server, SQL Stored Procedures and ETL processes.
  • Met with subject matter experts to identify business objectives with sensitivity to differences in needs across various groups.
  • Used project management experience to work on tasks for researching, writing, and editing documents while providing project updates to key stakeholders.

Technical Support Supervisor

Falcon Trading Systems ( Laramie, WY.

May 2007 - May 2010

  • Managed a team of five customer service representatives providing technical support to financial brokers and hedge funds through email, phone, and chat.
  • Developed how-to tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and on-boarding processes for new customers and technical support staff on topics of high-frequency trading and PC performance.
  • Deployed the company's first knowledge base using MediaWiki and Wiki text.


Knowledge of CRM tools associated with client facing operations and CMS solutions for website development using static HTML generators.

  • Technical Writing for Engineers, Product Managers, and Customer Success teams.
  • Capacity to understand products with complex topics and improving processes between users and developers.
  • Knowledge of leading work methodologies and resources for cross-platform support, QA, and development.

Product Management

Customer Success | Feature specifications | Kanban | Microcopy | Problem solving | Release Management | Roadmap | Software Development | UX Strategy

Technical Writing

Audience analysis | Coding | Content Management | Data analysis | English grammar | Operating systems | Organizational skills | Programming languages | Project management | Proposals | SOPs (standard operating procedures) | Software Documentation | Style guides | Technical manuals

Web Development

CSS | Gatsby | Git | GitHub | Gridsome | HTML | JAMStack | JavaScript | Markdown | React | VSCode | Vue.js

IT Administration

Confluence | Ghost | HelpSpot | JIRA | Notion | OoklaServer | TCP/IP | Trello | Zendesk


Collections of technical writing, work examples, and creative work

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