Learn how to integrate my workflow and enable instant support for your stakeholders

So, you've got some technical debt. You plan to do something about your documentation and support needs eventually but… all too often, as priorities change, content you planned to be functional suddenly becomes an afterthought. These days, we can all relate to feeling too busy to write every detail.

It happens - I've been there

Your documentation goals might be different for customers, internal stakeholders, or 3rd party business leaders, but the process is always the same: to help your team extract their thoughts and experiences with whatever you're building then distill the need-to-know and hard-to-follow into a format that easily answers questions for future you.

You need someone who can work independently on a plan while equipped to provide updates before you need to ask. Someone who can quietly submerge their work with your team's processes and systems to help find what works (and what isn't helping) and who will ask questions when things get challenging.

This is where I come in

Think of a technical writer like a medic dropping in with life-support to your subject experts in the field. I bring aspects of team and product management solutions and from the perspective as a die-hard software user - that is why I'm willing to develop a strategy for the reader: your users, your staff, and you.

For over 13 years, I've been fortunate enough to have worked both with enterprise and smaller startup customers on highly technical projects.

  • You might be in search for a part of the team who is:

    • Hands-on with markdown CSS and JavaScript principles.
    • Capable of working with a variety of modern content management systems and integrating shared information with website development projects.
    • Great with organizational details and performs laborious data entry tasks to make solutions more attractive.
    • Familar with rest API development with node.js, website development, and web design.
    • Knowledgeable about website development, best practices, and developer support.

Contact me and I will make sure the work we build together can grow with the developing needs of your team and stakeholders.