Product Management

Explore research into neuroscience to help with managing, developing, and motivating technical teams, project contributors, and other collaborators.

Getting positive results in any successful product comes down to a thoughtful strategy. This isn’t about your method, this is about the way your team interacts with one another.

A good product manager’s job is not only to create products users love to use, but to drive positive behavioral change.

Backed by neuroscience.

My background in product-based behaviorism and interests in neuroscience will help your team get to the deliverable before they burn out. The key to understanding and enforcing these behaviors is how you study your users.

But planning and researching are only half of the battle - executing a plan built with success in mind takes discipline, routine, and focus. I specialize in project planning that balances data-driven information that applies to human emotions and behaviors.

You can tell me who and what, and let me handle the how and when.

The number one mistake most product managers make is measuring all time equally. And as a team’s energy and resources fluctuate on a project, so does their emotional well-being and participation.

Traditional KPIs don’t account for the obscure obstacles your individual contributors will run into, but my process of evaluating your project, organization, and tools will help your team make space for the extra questions that come up along the way.

Sometimes all a project needs is a well-designed spreadsheet to time deliverables - sometimes you need well-thought-out databases and 3rd party integrations.

Let’s help your team plan around the unknown and develop systems that work realistically with your project goals, but also work with YOUR TEAM’s method of working.