We can build a complete website that is practical and easy to update for non-developers. But is also fast, flexible and secure enough for developers to appreciate too.

Using a blend of:

  • modern web technology
  • powerful software-services
  • flexible platform ecosystems

Services for the modern web

I can show you how to improve your current technology assets

We can increase employee productivity and improve customer experience by reevaluating your existing service processes and use modern, friendly software UIs to create and collaborate content for your website.

My approach helps reinforce data security by separating the editing functionality from how your website displays its content.

We'll do this all while expanding your bottom line by using software services you're already using.

  • Turnkey Services

    • Account Management/Support
    • Custom API Development
    • Data Migration
    • Employee Process Training
    • Performance Optimization
    • Setup and Configuration
    • Third-Party Integration

Modern Services for websites

I can help you with your existing services or help develop new ones

  • Managed websites

    • SquareSpace
    • Wix
    • WordPress
  • Content Management and Customer Relationship Services

    • Confluence
    • Ghost.org
    • Google Docs
    • Help Scout
    • HubSpot
    • JIRA
    • Netlify CMS
    • Notion.so
    • SalesForce
    • Trello
    • Zendesk
    • ...otherwise any Headless or Git-based CMS
  • Databases & Markdown

    • APIs
    • Blogs
    • Documentation
    • HTML, YAML, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.
  • Static Web Hosts & CDNs

    • Netlify
    • Surge.sh
    • & many more